My Story

Céline Tshika is a singer, songwriter and producer living in Johannesburg, South Africa.

Originally from Congo (DRC), her family moved to South Africa a few months after her birth. As she grew up, she developed a love for writing and performing. She started attending Hip Hop and Modern Dance classes at the age of 11, and entered and won various talent shows throughout Primary and High School. With being cast in musicals in High School, she nurtured her singing talent and also fell in love with acting.

She began producing music in 2015, while studying for her Civil Engineering degree. In 2016, she began releasing tracks and getting radio play for her music. She worked with DJ/producer Cosher to produce her latest track Dare You to Move, which has been playlisted on GoodHope FM.

Her favourite genres include Pop, Rock and Electronic music.

Céline in 2017

Céline is currently working with producers local and abroad as a singer-songwriter while she further develops her production skills. She will be taking an acting course in Los Angeles, while continuing to work remotely with producers. Any work requests can be made via the contact page.